Our Activities

Industrial Electricity

REELEC provides the engineering, supply, assembly and commissioning of industrial electrical installations:

- Interconnection and distribution stations.
- HV / MV substations: 220KV / 60KV / 30KV / 10KV.
- Electrical distribution (HV - MV - LV).
- Lighting of large areas Int / Ext.
- Port and airport lighting.
- Marking of airport runways.


For an uninterruptible power supply and a reliable and profitable continuity of service, REELEC offers its services in terms of installation, commissioning and maintenance of small and medium power generators.

REELEC provides preventive and curative maintenance of existing generator sets for its customers throughout the country.

Renewable Energies

In order to ensure a clean energy supply, REELEC carries out solar installations on the ground, on industrial or agricultural buildings, and on isolated sites.