The desire to include the REELEC management system within the framework of the internationally recognized ISO system was displayed when the company was created in 1999.

This direction began to materialize in 2003, when our company took the necessary steps to adapt its management system to international standards and benchmarks.

Since then, REELEC has succeeded, thanks to everyone’s efforts and the strategic vision of its top management, to successively obtain the certifications of its quality system, environmental one and health and safety respectively.

Since 2012, REELEC’s integrated management system has been certified.

Certificat ISO 9001

REELEC obtained its first ISO 9001 certification on August 02, 2005 under the 2000 version and then successfully transitioned to the 2008 version on February 02, 2010.

REELEC is ISO 9001 V2015 certified since May 22, 2018

Certificat ISO 14001

REELEC obtained its first ISO 14001 certification on August 19, 2008 under the 2004 version.

REELEC is ISO 14001 V2015 certified since May 22, 2018

Certificat ISO 18001

REELEC obtained its first OHSAS 18001 certification on February 24, 2011 under the 2007 version.

Since then, REELEC’s OHSAS certification has been renewed several times, the most recent dating back to May 22, 2018.