Vision & value

Globalization and market liberalization have intensified competition, which has become increasingly fierce and aggressive.

REELEC, which evolves in a constantly changing landscape, has set itself the objective of becoming a leader in its fields of activity, and aims to become an important player in industrial development.

The values ​​of the SOE REELEC JSC, which follow the precepts of the management standards to which the company adheres, are mainly articulated around and through:

Performance Values

      • Professional Project Execution
      • Business competence through the implementation of our knowledge and know-how
      • Responsibility of all our employees in keeping with our commitments

Ethical Values

      • Transparency and credibility in the behavior of the company through all of its employees
      • Appreciation and listening to our employees
      • Trust with our suppliers to build  customer loyalty
      • Satisfying customers’ needs and expectations
      • Environmental friendliness

The diversification of its businesses and the improvement of the quality of its services contribute to this strategic vision.

To achieve these objectives, Reelec has opted for a strategy:

      1. dynamic organic growth;
      2. elective external growth.

By the same token, REELEC works to build a participatory approach which upholds core values ​​in the respect of its commitments towards its customers.