Our Vision

Digitization in electrical infrastructures, particularly the Numerical Control and Command (NCC) system, will be one of the main drivers of industrial transformation in the fields of activity for which we are responsible.

It is imperative that we start working on it now, to offer our customers comprehensive integrated solutions in electrical infrastructures. These solutions must target energy efficiency to enable each customer to control and manage its consumption as effectively as possible.

EPE REELEC Spa, in a constantly changing environment, has set as its main objective to become a key player in these areas of activity, and as such, will multiply all efforts to be a pioneer in this segment by being at the forefront of national industrial development.  

These objectives must be accompanied by a modernization of our production processes, a key priority for optimizing manufacturing costs, while ensuring local integration of our facilities in order to maintain our position as a leader in electrical infrastructure.

This approach will consolidate our company's development and will be a unifying element in empowering our teams to move towards technological mobility, a decisive lever and a factor in initiating the mastery of new knowledge. This will certainly help to motivate our human resources to progress towards new technical processes, which will be one of the essential guarantees of professional success.

We are strongly attached to this primary human resource asset of our company, and we will preserve and sustainably support the skills and well-being of our employees by developing the entrepreneurial spirit of our engineers, supported by the diversity of our processes and by the implementation of high-performance management tools aimed at improving the quality of our services.

The competence and serenity of our engineers, combined with the diversification of our business lines, supported by the continuous improvement of the quality of our services, will form the basis of this strategic vision.

The values of EPE REELEC Spa already espouse the precepts of the management standards to which the company adheres and which are mainly articulated around the values of :

Performance :

    • Professionalism in the realization of projects with our partners.
    • Commitment of our engineers, supported by a proven know-how.
    • Ability of our collaborators to achieve, within the given deadlines, the objectives set with the required quality in terms of standards.

Ethics :

    • Perspicacity and transparency in the mode of governance by relying on collective intelligence to achieve a common goal.
    • Mutual trust with our partners for sustainable development.
    • Permanent listening to customers and their satisfaction.
    • Concertation and consideration of the social partner.
    • Respect for the environment.

To achieve these objectives, the Company has opted for an expansion strategy based on:

    1. The permanent improvement of its management ratios.
    2. The expansion of our business segments by giving priority to diversification within the framework of a strategic partnership holding the technology and know-how.

In this perspective, EPE REELEC Spa will work to build a participative approach, carrying strong values, to accompany our customers in the concretization of their development plans with a firm will to honor the commitments made.

At REELEC, we will continue to recommend bold measures to keep moving forward and create innovative, all-electric practices, so that life lights up everywhere, for all our partners and at all times.