The QHS Policy

ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001


The Public Economic Enterprise of Electrical Realizations named by abbreviation «EPE REELEC Spa ", is a subsidiary of the ELEC EL DJAZAIR Group, specialized in design, engineering and realization of electrical installations.

 Strategic public institutions and companies are the company's main clients as well as other national partners equally important for the diversification and expansion of the client portfolio. 

 With its Integrated Management System, based on the imperative of continuous quality improvement, supported by a very strong experience of its management, and taking into account the stakes both internal and external to the company, I have the firm will to meet the expectations of our customers by the presentation of complete solutions by always privileging the technological evolutions in order to reinforce the brand image of REELEC accompanied with an assiduous and permanent listening of the customer with the major objective to guarantee his satisfaction.

 To achieve this I personally commit myself to:

  • Ensure compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, in particular, those applicable to Quality, Environment, Health and Safety at Work;
  • Provide healthy and decent working conditions, by identifying the causes of professional pathologies that can lead to recurrent physical and psychological alterations;
  • Eliminate hazards and reduce potential occupational health and safety risks;
  • Promote social dialogue, consultation and participation of workers through their representatives in the implementation and improvement of an Integrated, productive and motivating Management System;
  • Ensure communication with the collective of workers and with our partners without neglecting the competent authorities in charge of Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety issues;
  • Protect the workers from any retaliation, following undesirable events that could induce risks of dangers for the worker and the production tool;
  • Promote measures contributing to the preservation of the environment and the prevention of pollution;
  • Encourage measures contributing to the preservation of the environment and the prevention of pollution; To develop the loyalty of the company's competences and to associate them through a harmonious development plan;
  • Plan the succession through the development of apprenticeship and the elaboration of adapted and periodic training programs;
  • Consolidate the field of activities through mastery, innovation and competitiveness;
  • Widen the field of intervention by seeking new markets in avant-garde fields and particularly in the photovoltaic field by ensuring the diversification of supply sources;
  • Develop studies and engineering to meet the needs and requirements of the market and to make it a source of profit, particularly in the field of energy diagnosis and the Audit of the Park;
  • Ensure the availability and optimization of resources;
  • Promote the corporate culture through the implementation of the charter of values in force within the company.

 It is essential for each of us, in order to reach this level of requirements, to be imbued with the stakes and challenges of the SMI and to participate actively in this policy.

 To do so, I have assigned my Assistant of Audit, Management Control and Integrated Management System to:

  1. Verify that the processes required for the Integrated Management System are well understood, sufficiently established, and widely implemented;
  2. Ensure that awareness of Quality, Environmental, Health and Safety requirements remains a permanent concern for all workers and at all levels of our organization.
  3. Periodically (quarterly) draw up a precise report on the functioning of the Integrated Management System and, above all, propose the measures necessary for its improvement.


Chief Executive Officer

 Belkacem SOLTANI