Health, Safety and Environment Manager

Function : Industry/ Electrical/ Production/ Maintenance
Number of positions : 1
Type of contract : Fixed-term employment contract
Level of studies : Master's degree or equivalent
Experience : 4 to 5 years

Missions :

    • • To implement the prevention measures adopted by the Joint Health and Safety Committee ;
    • • Develop with the participation of the Joint Health and Safety Committee the employer's general health and safety policy and ensure its implementation;
    • • Ensure the proper functioning of the means of prevention available to the employer;
    • • Inspect, in liaison with the Joint Health and Safety Committee, the workplaces and workstations;
    • • To ensure the application of the requirements provided for by the legislation and regulations in force;
    • • In liaison with the Joint Health and Safety Committee, draw up annual and multi-year plans for the prevention of occupational health and safety risks;
    • • Assist the Joint Health and Safety Committee in any investigation of accidents and incidents that may have revealed the existence of a hazard that could lead to serious consequences;
    • • Establish statistics relating to work accidents and inform the competent labor inspector;
    • • Contribute to the education, instruction and training of the personnel of the employing organization in the field of health and safety;
    • • Establish, in liaison with the Joint Health and Safety Committee, annual and multi-year training and development programs for all staff, particularly new recruits;
    • • Inform and sensitize the workers concerned through written instructions about the risks related to workstations, personal protective equipment and their use ;
    • • Carry out investigations relating to occupational accidents and diseases;
    • • Ensure the application of regulations relating to the organization of training and development of intervention, rescue and first aid teams;
    • • Establish an intervention plan in accordance with the regulations in force;
    • • Ensure the control of fire-fighting and intervention equipment;
    • • Initiate, with the assistance of specialized organizations, any research study aimed at preventing, reducing or eliminating occupational risks by introducing new work standards, reorganizing workstations, extending or modernizing premises;
    • • To develop any activity likely to improve safety conditions at work by calling upon, if necessary, specialized prevention organizations, in coordination with the relevant departments of the employing organization;
    • • Maintain and update the register of occupational health, safety and medicine, the register of technical inspections of industrial installations and equipment, and the register of industrial accidents;
    • • Participate in an advisory capacity in the work of the legally constituted health and safety bodies within the employer, in any matter relating to health and safety.


• Engineering degree in Health, Safety and Environment;

• Release from national service obligations.